1. Table of Contents and Foreward.

2. General Introduction.

3. Special Introductions For: Foreign Lawyers And Other Non-North American Applicants; U.S. Applicants Applying To U.S. Law Schools; For Quebec Residents Applying To Quebec Schools; and, Canadian Applicants Applying To Law Schools Outside Of Quebec.

4. How To Use This Book and An Outline Of The Eight Books And One Appendix.

5. Book I - A Report - Deciding On Law School - The Pre-Law Career Counselor.

6. Book II - A Report - Understanding And Identifying Opportunities To Study Law.

7. Book III - A Report - The Law School Application Manual - Executing A Plan.

8. Book IV - A Report - Law School: Understanding, Surviving, Flourishing!

9. Book V - A Report - From Law School To Bar Admission - Your License To Practise.

10. Book VI - A Report - The World Is Your Oyster - Lawyers' Mobility In A Global World.

11. Book VII - A Report - Learning About Lawyers And The Legal Profession.

12. Book VIII - Recognizing Historical Barriers To Access.

13. Appendix LSAT PREP - Get Off On The Right Foot
Part A - Introducing The LSAT - A PREP Primer.
Part B - Studying The LSAT - Past, Present And Future.