Law School Bound™ And Mastering The LSAT® Ordering Information:

Mastering The LSAT®
ISBN: 0-9696290-3-6 – 304 pages - $31.95 Cdn

Law School Bound™
ISBN: 0 –9696290-2-8 – 586 pages - $49.95 Cdn

You may order either Law School Bound or Mastering The LSAT or both by:

1. Fax (416-410-4628)
2. email:
3. Snail mail:

Richardson Press
Box 19602, Manulife P.O.
55 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Canada
M4W 3T9

Orders From Bookstores: We offer the usual terms – don’t forget the PO number.

Orders From Individuals: Orders that do not come from bookstores must be prepaid by VISA , Mastercard or Money Order payable to “Richardson Press”. The total price for individual orders which include the book(s), GST and mailing by Canada Post are as follows:

- Law School Bound™ - $60 if mailed to Canada - $70 if to the U.S.
- Mastering The LSAT® - $40 if mailed to Canada - $50 if to the U.S.
- Law School Bound™ and Mastering The LSAT® (Specially discounted price) - $80 if mailed to Canada - $90 if to the U.S.

Orders from individuals (which must be prepaid) must include your name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number and expiry date. Be clear on which book or books you are ordering.

Please note also that you may order the books from Indigo and Amazon. They are also available inside these stores and at most university bookstores.